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Heather Saucier

Tel: 403-861-6352


Address: 131 Stonegate Cres NW

Airdrie, Alberta T4B 2S8


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"An artist is not paid for their labor but for their vision."

James Whistler

Dark Forest is so much more than a design company! Heather Saucier is also so much more than your average designer. Her personal first class taste has been sought for things such as styling photo shoots, gift giving, decorating and even company branding. She has made a name for herself in floristry, packaging, planning, and styling. Weather it is a full blown wedding, a corporate event, a children's party, adding a professional beautiful touch to your holiday decorating or finding that perfect gift for someone special, give us a call.



Growing up I fell in love with all things pretty. Weddings were my first hook, so 22 years ago I enrolled in Olds College in the Floristry program. It was the perfect start to the mechanics, basics an 101 of the knowledge I would require for the path I was inevitably on. However, my real education came when I was working in an upscale flower shop in Calgary under the tutelage of one of the most amazing designers I have ever met. For 6 years we worked together making beautiful creations, hundreds of weddings later I had certainly paid my dues. 

Although life has taken me from florist, to stay at home mom to downtown in oil and gas, I have never been able to shake my wedding addiction, I haven't gone more than a few months without a wedding or two, I consider that an honour and a treat. 


Speaking of all things pretty, I love showing up at a party bearing gifts. Typically they include any combination of flowers, food, wine and a gift. After years of poking and prodding from my friends I have decided to take their advise and make a business out of it. Whether it's a one time specialty box for a new addition to the family or the ever so clever husband who opt's for the box of the month. She is the envy of the office when the delivery arrives, always a crowd to see what treasures that month brings. 

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